Terms And Conditions

  1. The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to pilferage, thefts, weather condition, stricken, riot disturbance fire explosion of attendant provided, however all reasonable precautions are taken to provide against such consignors. The company accept all goods for booking entirely at the risk and the responsibility of the owner unless the insurance is arrange an insurance company of company’s choice. Insurance risk-expires-after a fortnight of the booking of the consign
  2. The company do not guarantee the time of transit or delivery of consignment which shall be carried subject to road, transport, and other facilities being available and shall have a right to select any route or mode of transport at their discretion. Oils, Ghee and Other Liquids and semi Liquids, Glass, china clay, asbestos materials or fragile goods fresh fruits, vegetables nowieldy and bulky packages, machines goods with unsound and defective, packing shall be carried at Owner Risk only. The carries shall not be liable to breakage of the packages of the content thereof any circumstances whatsoever
  3. The consignees examine the package before taking delivery. No claims shall be entertained after taking delivery in any circumstances whatsoever
  4. Issue of any short damage theft non delivery certificate will not amount to acceptance of claim unless admitted by Head Office of the Company at Siliguri.
  5. More declaration of value of the consignment by consignor shall not mean acceptance by the company.
  6. The consignor have declared that consignment is free acid product or articles of an explosive inflammable damaging dangerous, of offensive nature of prohibited and contraband for carriage by law & the company have accepted the goods for carriage under the receipt. The consignor making false or wrong declaration as to contents qualities etc. Furnishing trade name of an article shall be no excuse on the part of the consignor to avoid his liabilities at the company are not know to understand the composition of nature of articles by its trade name.
  7. The company reserve the right of re-weighment, re-calculation of charges of destination and shall be entitled to collect additional charges, if any
  8. If the goods are not taken delivery within 60 days of arrival at destination the company reserve the right to sale the goods at prevalent market price to realize the freight demurrage and other charges without assigning any reason and consignor will be liable. If the sale proceed of the goods do not cover the amount on that particular consignment by way of freight demurrage etc.
  9. The company shall not be responsible if any goods are detained seized or confiscated by Government Authorities.
  10. No suit shall be against company in respect if any consignment without claim made in writing in that behalf and preferred within fortnight from the date of booking or from the date of arrival at destination by the party concerned.
  11. No representative or agent of the company is authorised to offer any terms and condition to the consignor or consignee other than those mentioned above which if done shall not be binding of company.
  12. All cases arising out of this consignment shall be within the jurisdiction of Siliguri court only received the goods mentioned overleaf Signature of consignee or his agent
  13. We will ship the goods via courier also if the items are shipped by courier it would takes jupto 25 days
  14. If courier order get cancelled, We will regenerate the courier order within 7-8 days.